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About Us

Making experience count. Valued insight and opinions.

Adept Advisory delivers flexible and personalised business-defining solutions through a highly experienced and globally aligned team.

We have built a reputation for providing the EMEA market with specialised expertise, tailored to provide our clients with sustainable value and an ongoing competitive advantage. Adept Advisory is a global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions.

What Makes Us Different?

Our professionals have significant, practical, hands-on experience – blending formal training and industry experience with relevant professional credentials and accreditations.

Flat organisational structure translates to competitive bill rates. Our experienced team are proactive and self-managing, dramatically shortening learning curves and delivering from day-1.


  1. Advisory – guiding you in optimising business performance, leveraging our best practices.
  2. Project Solutions – delivering project-based solutions, using our proven approaches.
  3. Co-sourcing – providing qualified, experienced professionals.
  4. Managed Services – rendering outsourced services, under our responsibility and direction.

Never a conflict of interest. We don’t perform any attest services. We manage all our engagements within our proprietary Service Quality Process (SQP) framework.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Adept Advisory we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just about philanthropy or community services, but rather how we engage with people and the environment at all levels to make a positive difference that is strategic, sustainable and enhances our business success.

Our CSR Policy is a defined framework that is aligned to the company’s Vision which enables us to target and select local initiatives to support. Sustainability is a core value of Adept Advisory and forms the basic foundation of intent. We recognise as a company the power of the collective solution to realise our objectives. Sustainable CSR delivery can be achieved through working as a team whilst leveraging individual skills in order to give something back. With genuine and long-term commitment the collective actions of our team will create a positive impact. Adept encourages employees to raise their personal awareness about social and environmental issues in line with their interests.

Initiatives we support:

As an international organisation, we recognise and respect each other’s differences and strive to build a working environment where our different values and perspectives are actively harnessed to create the best solutions for our equally diverse client base. Adept Advisory recognises that to produce work of high quality, to maintain our reputation for excellence and to understand and delight our clients we need to fully embrace the skills, talents and knowledge that only a diverse workforce could deliver. Adept Advisory’s principles of diversity and inclusion extend to our clients, our suppliers and all those with whom we work.

Black Economic Empowerment

We are a Level-1 B-BBEE Contributor (135%). Adept Group (Pty) Ltd is committed to the process of black economic empowerment and is fully supportive of the Government’s transformation objectives and initiatives. Adept Advisory’s BEE status has been verified by a SANAS approved BBBEE Verification Agency.

Ditikeni Advisory Holdings has a 25% shareholding in Adept Advisory. Ditikeni is truly broad-based in its black economic empowerment objectives. The group is owned by 18 non-profit organisations serving black communities at a grassroots level. The work they do through the non-profit beneficiary organisations, directly and indirectly, impacts the lives of over 2 million of our country’s poorest and most marginalised citizens.