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Adept Advisory

Creating Trust-Based Communities that Unlock Potential and Inspire Growth.

Adept Advisory delivers flexible and personalised business-defining solutions through a highly experienced and globally aligned team. We have built a reputation for providing the EMEA market with specialised expertise, tailored to provide our clients with sustainable value and an ongoing competitive advantage.

Adept Advisory stands out as an experienced business consultancy, exemplifying flexibility and personalisation through its globally aligned and highly experienced team. Recognised for its expertise, the firm has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the EMEA market, consistently providing specialised insights that empower clients with enduring value and a sustained competitive edge. Adept Advisory’s commitment to being an experienced model business is evident in its strategic guidance and dedication to shaping successful enterprises through tailored solutions.

Our Services

Discover Adept Advisory's comprehensive suite of services.

Our business focuses on the core areas of business performance, integrated assurance, and digital solutions. Our solutions will enable you to anticipate and address risks and related issues, identify and realise opportunities, and make informed decisions faster. Blending experience with innovation and efficiency, we leverage centres of expertise to deliver specialised skills that focus on current industry issues.

Business Performance

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Programme Enablement
  • Strategic Transformation

Integrated Assurance

  • Internal Audit & Control
  • IT Assurance
  • Actuarial & Quantitative Services
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance

Digital Solutions

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Services
  • Technology Services

Our Clients

Adept Advisory supports clients across a range of industries

Explore our diverse portfolio of clients, representing a spectrum of industries, innovation, and excellence, each a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and fostering enduring collaborations.


caliba logo

The Adept group has a minority investment in Caliba Group. This strategically aligned transaction enables both entities to operate and optimise synergies across the broader group structure. Caliba Group offers end-to-end procurement services from Function Transformation, Strategic Sourcing, Cost Reduction and Outsourced Services, to Risk Management and Process Automation, Caliba Group can help with all your procurement support requirements.

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accace adept logo

Accace Adept is a joint venture, established to pursue a long-term strategy of providing innovative Business Process Outsource (BPO) and advisory services to clients in South Africa and the African continent. We joined forces to augment each other’s valuable insight, knowhow and practices, whilst combining our experience in complementary fields of expertise.

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gen gre logo square

Gen Gre Adept is an exciting initiative with the purpose of improving the environment by adding tangible value to our core sustainability values. Their goal is to develop a common culture for a “sustainable earth-friendly future” through a three-pronged approach to do; to teach; and to raise community awareness, which is part of our corporate social responsibility focus.

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human interest logo

Human Interest is a specialist organisation design and development consulting firm with the single purpose of moving the performance dial through the power of people. Their interconnected, targeted actions are aimed at changing identified, measurable indicators associated with high performance. They offer bespoke solutions aimed at transforming individuals, teams and organisations.

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