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Companies around the world are moving away from “managing” and towards “innovating”.

Design Thinking enables this! Design Thinking fosters creativity and innovation and facilitates solution-based problem-solving.

Design thinking helps break down complex issues into tangible ones that can be analysed and solved by stepping into the shoes of the customer or stakeholder (empathising), brainstorming and prototyping. You could think about Design Thinking as a problem-solving toolbox.

Companies across various industries have established programmes that train their employees in Design Thinking and teach them to innovate their way to better outcomes.

Adept Advisory follows the Double Diamond Model as developed by the British Design Council (2005).

design thinking framework

Our resources are skilled in Innovation and Design Thinking and have experience in implementing Design Thinking across multiple industries including FMCG, Automotive, Banking and Finance.

Depending on your needs, our offering includes the following:

  • Full design sprints,
  • Innovation workshops and masterclasses,
  • Ideation sessions,
  • Persona mapping,
  • Innovation measurement, and
  • Rapid prototyping.