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Want to get more out of your career? Why not consider Consulting?

We are living in a time of digital opportunity. Business leaders have the knowledge and insight into where their industry, business or specific functions are headed and have built business strategies to survive and thrive in this exciting new world. But do they have the right skill sets in place and can they rely on heavily experienced Subject Matter Experts?

The consulting industry has grown enormously over the past ten years and has become one of the preferred ways in which many organisations conduct project work, specifically within the financial and technological industries. Candidates who previously sought permanent employment, are now seeking roles in which they are given the opportunity to be selective in the types of projects they work on as well as the duration in which they operate within these models.

Consulting provides an individual with the ability to grow within different streams of business, industry and skill set. Resumes, now incorporate the ability to showcase oneself as a trusted advisor based on the diverse exposure and experience gained.

There are many facets to consulting, some of which could be beneficial to you:


Although time and process is generally dictated by the client environment, there is a greater possibility of maintaining your own schedule in order to ensure that you are able to attend to life’s administration whilst still being able to deliver time and materials to clients, affording a greater work/life balance.


Instead of being immersed in the same environment and routine, day in and day out, you are able to work in different environments, with different projects, not only stimulating and challenging you in new ways but also affording you the ability to learn new things and diversify your skillset.


Whilst deployed to client environments, there is greater accessibility to resources whilst being supported by your Consulting House

Knowledge and Growth

Throughout your consulting career, you are not only able to gain greater industry experience but also have access to consulting houses’ learning and development programmes, affording you a faster growth track than what you would in a permanent position.

Both employees in traditional permanent employment, as well as some in the consulting environment, sometimes feel like they are just a number within their respective organisations and do not always feel completely valued. At Adept Advisory we welcome each new consultant as a part of the Adept family and whilst leveraging the skill sets of those consultants, also make it a goal to ensure that whilst within the Adept team, they are able to leverage off of the varying skill sets amongst other consultants as well as the broader business.