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Welcome to the third article in our Agile@ Adept series where we will share some of our experiences and thought leadership in this space.

As mentioned in our first article, we are frequently told: “Agile is only for IT”. At Adept Advisory we believe Agile is for everyone and that it can be applied anywhere. In this article, we will focus on Change Management and Agile.

Over various client engagements, we have observed Agile methods being used for development or project management but traditional change management methods, with a narrow focus and top-down communication, still being used.  This results in a considerable disconnect between developers, project managers and change management. This often results in change management incorrectly being blamed for “slowing things down”

Traditional change management models don’t work in Agile environments. Why? Because Agile methods largely go against traditional methods by, for example, engaging stakeholders early and often and delivering continuously rather than having a single go-live date.

Agile enables change and the Agile Manifesto highlights this in both the values and principles:


Implementing Agile change management requires buy-in across the organisation in order to embrace:

  • multiple, smaller deliverables,
  • continuous delivery,
  • iterative change,
  • multiple rollout dates, and
  • real-time learning and training

We aim to help our clients equip themselves to drive and sustain organisational change by creating a flexible mindset and embracing Agile change management.