Welcome to the first in a series of articles about Agile@Adept Advisory.

Over the years, Adept has been involved with many organisations and projects that claim to be “Agile”(aka Agile with a big A) but that in reality are not even agile (aka agile with a small a). Why is this?, we wondered. Companies have spent millions on Agile transformations, immersions, training etc. How can it be that they are not seeing the benefits? Being passionate Agilists, we asked ourselves how can we change this. Hence, the series Agile@Adept Advisory where we will share some of our experiences and thought leadership.

By far the most common thing we hear is “Agile is only for IT”. At Adept we believe Agile is for everyone. It’s a mindset, a way of thinking that anyone can adopt. As a result, we believe it can be applied anywhere. In fact, we know it can! We have applied it in Internal Audit, Change Management, Human Resources, Operations, Risk Management, Planning and Strategy across Banking, Finance, Insurance and FMCG to name a few examples. This experience will inform the series of articles to follow.

So, why do we believe in Agile? Because it advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary growth, early delivery, continual improvement and rapid, flexible response to change and most importantly because it values collective genius! Key dynamics needed to remain relevant and be successful in today’s world.

At Adept we strive to provide a truly agile, Agile advisory service that considers the business, the staff and the challenges as a whole and that doesn’t prescribe a solution with fixed templates, ceremonies and methodologies. Our objective is to remain true to the Agile Manifesto’s values and principles:

Deliver early & continuously

Welcome change

Deliver Frequently

Connect daily

Trust motivated individuals

Communicate in person

Working stuff means progress

Maintain a constant pace

Build the right things, right

Keep it simple

Encourace self organising teams

Reflect and adjust

Our ambition is to help our clients equip themselves to drive and sustain organisational change by creating a flexible mindset that readjusts based on business priorities and harnesses the organisation’s collective genius. This enables faster business value delivery, improves output quality and makes better use of budget. It also means happier staff!