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Integrated Assurance

Delivery of end-to-end assurance across targeted lines of defence

Assurance services integrated. Whether it’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd lines of defence, we deliver tactical and strategic services to businesses that maximise their coverage of assurance in a targeted and coordinated manner.

Explore our Integrated Assurance services, spanning risk management, compliance, actuarial & quantitative information, internal audit, cyber, and technology risk solutions. We offer comprehensive expertise tailored for operational integrity and enduring assurance.

Internal Audit & Control

Elevate Your Audit: Strategic Solutions

In the ever-evolving business landscape, our Strategic Internal Audit & Control services provide innovative solutions for challenges ranging from specialised industry audits to flexible management of resources. Adept’s Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing solution aims to develop your organisation’s internal audit infrastructure, including enterprise risk analysis, entity risk assessment, audit program development, and/or internal audit program execution and reporting services. These services are provided either on a co-source basis, working directly with your existing internal audit team, or a fully outsourced model working independently on behalf of the Audit Committee.

Internal Audit & Control

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing solution aims to develop your organisation’s internal audit infrastructure, including enterprise risk analysis, entity risk assessment, audit program development, and/or internal audit program execution and reporting services. These services are provided either on a co-source basis working directly with your existing internal audit team, or a fully outsourced model working independently on behalf of the Audit Committee.

Quality Assessment Reviews

Adept Advisory’s QAR solutions are based on the requirements set out in the IIA Standards and the IIA Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity. Our approach is so designed to blend our methodology and evidence requirements to express an opinion on the level of conformance with the IIA Standards and Code of Ethics and its key components (integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and competency). Well-experienced SME’s will tailor the approach and level of conformance to practical, implementable recommendations and guidance.

Internal Control Optimisation

Our years of experience in the fields of risk and control ensure we fully support our client’s needs for control optimisation. Our results will allow our clients to have the best in-class control environment, meeting global best practices. Enhanced control optimisation is supported through process and control re-engineering, implementation, and advisory around the use of artificial intelligence and automation. Additionally, automated and innovative conformance over control operation benefits our clients through cost of control reductions and assurance coverage.

Financial Crime Solution

In a world of increasing regulatory standards and compliance to applicable law, Adept’s solutions around financial crime span both manual and automated conformance assurance. Our team of experienced internal auditors are well versed in compliance-related aspects and can support clients through value-adding and automated conformance testing.

IT Assurance

Ensuring Digital Integrity

IT assurance refers to the process of validating and ensuring that information technology (IT) systems, processes, and controls meet specified objectives and standards. It involves assessing the reliability, security, and compliance of IT infrastructure and operations within an organisation. IT assurance aims to provide confidence to stakeholders, such as management, investors, regulators, and customers, that IT-related risks are appropriately managed and that IT systems are operating effectively and securely.

IT Assurance

Information Security

Our skilled and experienced consultants assist clients in reviewing the various aspects relating to their information security environment. They provide areas of improvement, to assist the client in becoming compliant with the various eg. NIST, CIS, and ISO27001.

Technology and Application Solution Assessments

Our skilled and experienced consultants review all aspects relating to Application and General Control Reviews and provide value-added recommendations for the improvement of the control environment.

Data Analytics and Automation & Management Assessments

Adept Advisory assists clients in automating repetitive tasks relating to processes involving the extraction and analysis of related data.

Cyber Security Assurance

Adept Advisory provides businesses with the confidence that their IT systems are protected against cyber threats. Our team of experts assesses and mitigates risks, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is resilient and compliant with industry standards. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and security audits, to safeguard your information assets.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing solution is a proactive approach to securing your IT infrastructure. Our team of certified ethical hackers simulates real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your systems before malicious actors can exploit them. Our penetration testing services go beyond simple vulnerability scanning, offering deep insights into both technical and human security weaknesses.

Actuarial & Quantitative Services

Unlocking Insights Through Actuarial and Quantitative Services

Harnessing the power of data analytics and mathematical modelling, our actuarial and quantitative modelling services offer unparalleled insights for informed decision-making in your business. Whether you’re navigating complex financial landscapes or seeking to mitigate risk, our expertise empowers you to anticipate trends, optimise strategies, and drive growth.

Actuarial & Quantitative

Actuarial and Solvency Assessment

Our team of Actuaries and analysts have proven track records in fulfilling these roles and providing models that align with industry best practices while being tailored for the specific business. We are equipped to provide:

  • Accurate valuation of liabilities in line with industry practices.
  • Actuarial assessments and quantification of risks facing insurance companies.
  • Review of reinsurance arrangements and optimisation thereof for the business.
  • Assessment and quantification of provisions in line with IFRS17.
  • Solvency calculations under the SAM regulatory regime.

Financial Institutional Risk and Capital Management

Our team of Actuaries and quantitative analysts have decades of experience in modelling Credit, Market, Operational, Insurance and other risks faced by financial institutions coupled with extensive model risk management experience. We are equipped to provide modelling solutions for all risk types including both regulatory and economic capital as well as IFRS9 and IFRS17 models. Our team also includes risk management specialists who can provide advisory services relating to risk management processes and governance; ICAAP assessments; and ORSA assessments.

Quantitative Modelling and Statistical Analysis

Apart from risk quantification discussed under “Financial Institutional Risk and Capital Management”, the Actuarial and Quants team can provide mathematical or statistical models to:

  • Assist business decision-making processes;
  • Assess viability and profitability of projects;
  • Determine the cost or products or services;
  • Valuation of financial instruments and derivatives;
  • and many more.

Furthermore, our team members are highly qualified in statistical methods that can be used to create meaningful information from data while explaining the confidence at which those conclusions can be drawn. Our approach is to combine our understanding of the business with the story that the data is telling while fully articulating the possible limitations of the assessments to provide management with a complete picture that can be used in decision-making.

Regulatory Compliance Modelling

Our team has been involved in or reviewed regulatory models across all risk types in both the banking and insurance industries. We provide solutions covering the development, validation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of regulatory models or models related to IFRS reporting requirements.

Risk Management

Optimising Opportunities and Safeguarding Resilience

Effective risk management is not just about avoiding losses; it’s about seizing opportunities and making risk smart decisions. By proactively identifying and mitigating risks, businesses can protect their assets, enhance decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in dynamic markets. Investing in robust risk management is not only prudent—it is a strategic necessity.

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Our experienced, curious, and ever versatile teams aim to evolve your business challenges guiding you to continually reassess your strategies to adapt to changing environments. This involves staying updated on emerging risks, enhancing risk identification processes through industry specific focus, fostering a risk-aware culture, and leveraging technology for more efficient risk monitoring and analysis. Additionally, we help you to prioritise proactive measures, such as scenario planning and stress testing, to better prepare for potential disruptions. Continuous improvement and learning from past experiences are also crucial for evolving risk management practices to meet new challenges, capturing value from risk management and forging into new markets with a risk awareness.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business continuity refers to the proactive planning and preparation undertaken by organisations to ensure they can continue operating and delivering critical services in the face of disruptions, emergencies, or crises. We use a holistic, agile approach that integrates technology, people, processes, and infrastructure to minimise downtime and maintain resilience in the event of various threats and/or disruptive events. Our experts will work with you to develop a BCM program that aligns with best practices, considering the needs and size of your organisation.

Climate Change and Sustainability

We partner with you to navigate the complex challenges of climate risks, change, and sustainability and recognise that the decisions made today will shape the world of tomorrow. By helping you to understand the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects associated with your business, you will be able to integrate eco-friendly practices into every aspect of your operations. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and collective action, you can forge a path toward a more sustainable and equitable future and minimise your carbon footprint, thereby securing a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Risk Management Maturity Assessments

In an ever-changing environment, a risk management maturity assessment is required at various stages of a business lifecycle. We structure this evaluation based on a review of your risk management practices determining its level of maturity or effectiveness in managing your risks. Our approach assesses various aspects of the organisation risk management processes, capabilities, and culture against predefined criteria or maturity models.

Risk Appetite and Tolerance

Our experts can collaborate with your team to develop and implement robust risk appetite and tolerance frameworks that align with your strategic goals, enhance decision-making, and promote a risk-aware culture across the organisation.


Navigating Regulatory Complexities

With extensive expertise in the content and practical implementation of diverse regulations and legislation, our team of compliance and regulatory specialists will assist you in establishing and sustaining a strong and controlled environment. Our services encompass aiding in the creation of policy and compliance management programs, evaluating the existing compliance management framework, understanding the relevant regulatory landscape, conducting gap analysis and remediation, as well as providing training.


Compliance Management & Training

Adept Advisory not only develops Compliance Management Programs but also provides services for compliance monitoring and reporting. We offer customised training on pertinent legislation for both the client and the intended audience. Alongside the creation of Compliance Management Programs, Adept Advisory also delivers monitoring and reporting services for compliance and provides training on current and emerging legislative requirements, tailored to the client and their audience.

Corporate Governance

Adept Advisory offers assistance on developing Governance Frameworks to properly implement compliance processes, and guidance on governance best practices. Adept Advisory’s Corporate Governance offerings include Policy Development, Ethics and Integrity Programs, Board Effectiveness Evaluations, and Board Training & Development.

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