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Business Performance

Value creation through X Factor execution

Discover how our Business Performance services can empower your business with financial agility and operational efficiency.

Introducing our Business Performance services, where we combine strategic financial acumen with operational excellence to deliver tailored solutions for corporate success. With a commitment to precision and innovation, we empower organisations to optimise their financial resources and enhance operational efficiency, fostering a solid foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and discover how we can elevate your corporate performance to new heights.

Finance & Accounting

Empowering Your Business Resilience

With our Finance & Accounting, we offer expertise in addressing strategic, operational, and project-level financial needs. We provide executive guidance, develop policies, and oversee teams to ensure effective implementation and achievement of financial objectives. Additionally, we specialise in finance transformation, data visualisation, external audit project management, technical accounting under IFRS, and finance function review, delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Finance & Accounting

Strategic & Tactical Finance Support

We bring expertise in addressing strategic, operational, and project-level financial needs, offering executive guidance, policy development, and team oversight.

Finance Transformation

We support our clients through deploying a team or joining the client’s Programme team to support with key implementation tasks related to Finance Transformation.

Decision & Data Visualisation

Our experienced finance and data specialists are able to create visuals that aid the interpretation of information, enabling users to make informed decisions and identify actionable insights quickly.

External Audit Project Management

We have a team of experienced finance professionals with project management experience to help manage & coordinate successful and efficient external financial audits. Working closely with all stakeholders to drive delivery & efficiencies.

Technical Accounting (IFRS)

We specialise in providing qualified and skilled team members to assist clients with navigating complex accounting standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and providing expert guidance on intricate transactions.

Finance Function Review

Our experienced finance professionals are able to complete a comprehensive external review of your finance function to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of your finance operations & identifying key areas of improvement & practical action plan to shift from historic record keeping to provide agile, strategic insight and direction across the business.

Strategic Transformation

Breaking Free from Business Stagnation

Navigating the complexities of strategic transformation is a challenge faced by organisations in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Whether it’s managing mergers, optimising operating models, or enhancing business partnering, Adept Advisory offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address these challenges head-on.

Our expertise lies in translating your strategic vision into actionable results, fostering cultures of continuous improvement, and delivering sustainable benefits that enable your organisation to thrive. Join us on a journey of strategic transformation, where we turn everyday challenges into opportunities for excellence.

Strategic Transformation

Transaction & Due Diligence Services

Navigating mergers and acquisitions is often complex and fraught with challenges. The key to success lies in assembling a skilled team and maintaining a consistent approach from due diligence to integration. At Adept Advisory, our seasoned industry experts are your trusted partners in this journey. We meticulously prioritise financial due diligence, integration planning, and post-integration management to deliver enduring advantages for your organisation.

Operating Models

Inefficient operating models, untapped talent potential, and manual workflows often act as barriers to peak performance. Adept Advisory’s solution is purpose-built to tackle these obstacles head-on. Whether you’re seeking to streamline your operating models, explore more effective work methods, or strengthen internal relationships, this strategic solution will solve your challenges.

Strategy Facilitation

Our Strategy Facilitation service is your catalyst for achieving strategic clarity and alignment within your organisation. Through collaborative workshops and expert facilitation, we guide your leadership team in defining clear objectives, identifying key priorities, and charting a course for success. By fostering open dialogue and leveraging best practices, we empower your team to develop actionable strategies that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

RPA Enablement

Unlock the transformative potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with our RPA Enablement service. From process assessment and opportunity identification to implementation and optimisation, we guide you through every stage of your RPA journey. Our experienced consultants help you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows. With RPA enablement, you can unleash the full power of automation to drive innovation and accelerate your strategic transformation initiatives.

Programme Enablement

Overcoming Operational Challenges

Robust programme enablement is the cornerstone of achieving business growth and a sustainable competitive advantage. Adept Advisory’s Programme Enablement Services empower you to overcome critical challenges in programme delivery.

Programme Enablement

Project Portfolio Management

Our practical approach, aligned with PMI standards, ensures efficient project planning, execution, and control. Our experienced practitioners have successfully managed wide range of projects from strategic programme through to target tactical initiatives, including; finance transformation programmes; platform migrations; back office business transformation programmes, agile transformations and key merger or acquisition.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Our experienced project professionals are able to offer a variety of supporting services to improve or establish a successful Project Management Office; including initial maturity assessments, identifying & mapping out key focus areas to optimisation effectiveness & efficiency of the office, coaching and mentoring of project managers through to providing a PMO as a Service offering where we manage your office for you.

Change Management

Our change management methodology follows a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organisation’s goals, processes or technologies & can be applied at either a organisational or project level. Effective change management is often overlook & typically the key differentiator between a successful or unsuccessful programme or project implementation.

Agile Enablement

Our team has extensive experience guiding agile transformations and offers practical support for adopting and implementing Agile principles. We create supportive environments for teams to efficiently deliver value by embracing Agile methodologies and principle.

Business & Data Analysis

We provide comprehensive business and data analysis services, either as standalone offerings or as part of broader program initiatives. Our experienced team excels at engaging with stakeholders, gathering core business requirements, analysing data effectively, and delivering actionable insight.

Process Design

Streamline operations and drive efficiency with our Process Design service. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with your organisation to map out existing processes, identify bottlenecks, and design streamlined workflows that optimise performance and enhance productivity. By leveraging best practices and innovative methodologies, we help you reengineer processes for maximum efficiency, agility, and scalability. From process automation to workflow optimisation, our tailored solutions enable you to achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable business growth.

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